Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Three Musketeers

All three birthday girls together at last in celebration of Riley's 1st birthday. Ila, Leeann, and Riley are 5, 3, and 1. All born within the same week in March!!!!

Riley & Ila

Riley and Ila playing at a play area in the mall. Riley has started this thing where she will lay and roll on top of you if you are lying on the floor. Jason loves when she does this to him when he gets home from work. We spend a lot of time on the floor!!!!!

Ila's Birthday

Ila's 5 years old now!!! We went to "Pump it Up" for her party. Riley loved running around but sure wasn't happy when we took her into the bounce houses!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Princesses on Ice

Here are a few picture we took when we went to Princesses On Ice. Riley had so much fun watching and was soooo good!! Look at her pigtail.

Happy St. Paddy's Day

As you can see I had a rough time getting any good St. Patrick's Day pictures. Jason was gone for work and I was really wanting to get some good pictures for him. She definitely didn't like her headband.

Elk Camp


Smile Face

There's that beautiful smile!!!!

1 year Portraits

Although taking pictures was a nightmare, we did get some great shots. I will never go by myself again. Riley was a monster! She wanted to play while we were taking the pictures and then when we where done she wanted back in the room that she was so excitingly running out of during the pictures. We did have to bribe her with some blocks and snacks to get her to stay put for a second to get a shot. I really thought she would love the cake part but ended up hating it on her hand and started crying. We both had bright pink and purple icing all over us and I mean "all" over. But isn't she so cute!!!!

PRE- 1 yr Portraits

As we were getting ready for Riley's one year photo's she escaped and started playing with her toys. She was definately "all smiles" and ready for her pictures. Everytime I held the camera up she would falsh this cheesy smile!! It wasn't so easy once we started to take the real pictures!!! (of course)!!

Toilet Paper

Riley has discovered how fun it is to pull the toilet paper off the roll. Then of course, she eats it!!! I can actually get her to throw it in the trash can now, but then she picks up the trash can and tries to run away with it!!

Catching up!!!

I know, I know, it has been forever. I am not so great at keeping up! I have lots of pictures and up-dates to share so be on the look out!! These pictures are from 2/18/09.
Riley after a bath and her smily face!! And the last picture is so funny. Can you tell what she is doing?? I know, I'm a mean mother... But it's so funny! Scroll down to see the answer if you can't figure it out.

That's right, Riley's pooping!!!!