Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wet and Wild


It's a chair thing

Riley has recently discovered how to get up in a chair all by herself. She is so fascinated with her chairs. She will carry them around and the climb up in them, sit down, sway her feet, then get down and do it all over again and again and again and again...


Another one of Riley's "likes" good ol' DIRT!!!!! She is her mama's daughter!!! She is a very big help when it comes to gardening. She will get fistfuls of dirt and carry it around and then pile it on the brick planters!!!! Oh the mess she makes!!!

Mama & Dada

Mama and Dada love our Riley!!!!!

Fun in the water

Like I said before and many more times in the future... Riley loves water!!!! I will put this little pool at the bottom of the slide and Riley had a field day!!!!

BBQ at Bobbie's

Mrs. Bobbie is our wonderful friend that watches Riley on Monday mornings while I sleep. They live out in the "country" and have all kinds of animals. We are so blessed to have Bobbie and her family in our lives. Riley still gets a little taste of the "country" every Monday!!

Splash Table

What kid doesn't like water??? Definitely NOT Riley!

Orlando Trip

The view from our balcony! 5 pools with a lazy river connecting them all! We hung out one morning down by the pool.

Jason received an Excellence Award at work (a very big deal) so the company flew Jason and a guest (me!!!) to Orlando for the weekend to the "black tie"awards ceremony and put us up in a beautiful hotel!!! This was our very first trip away from Riley. Muffin flew into Dallas and took care of Riley for the weekend (I think Nana did a little too much shopping but couldn't hit any garage sales because of the rain)

Easter Egg Hunt

Unfortunately I had to work on Easter Sunday, but I did wake up early and we went out to eat and then came home and let Riley hunt some eggs in our back yard. I really didn't know what she would do. Man, she was so excited when she stepped out the back door! She couldn't stop pointing at all the eggs scattered on the ground! She walked around and found almost every single one with no help at all.


Riley the thieve! Anytime we leave a cup or glass out on the table she hijacks it! Here Riley stole my ice tea and won't give it back. She things she is so big and special with that big cup!!!

Riley is always so eager to help out with all the chores around the house. If it would only last until she becomes older. By then she will fugue out that it's work and not play!!!

Three princesses

Matching Cinderella night gowns. Don't they look cute!! Thanks Aunt Janea.

Playing at Doogoland!

The girls had fun at this play place by the house while the men were back home out in the cold weather putting together the swing set!!!