Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Birthday Girl!!!

Sadie on her first Birthday with all the family in Omaha!!!

More birthday

Nana bought all the girls matching outfits! Don't they look cute!!!

Sadie's 1st Birthday

Jason and Riley were off to Omaha to celebrate Sadie's 1st Birthday!!! I unfortunately had to work so I couldn't go but I enjoyed all the phone calls and the pictures!!! Riley was able to spend the weekend playing with her cousins Leeann and Sadie. I hear she had so much fun.

My new potty!!!

I decided it might be time to get a potty for Riley so she could start getting used to the idea and play with her potty. Well as you can see she loved her new potty. She sits on it, carries it around, stuffs toys in it, and loves putting the the "can" on her head. Of course we haven't used the potty for "potty" yet!!! But I am glad that she isn't scarred of it.

Little Monster

Riley has a shoe fetish. She loves to put on Jason and my shoes and walk around. She actually has pretty good balance!!! Also, you can see toys scattered all around. She loves to take a box of toys and dump them out, then she moves on to the next thing she can dump out. She looses interest until Mama or Daddy picks them up, then she wants to dump them out again. We get so tired of picking up toys, so sometimes we just wait until she goes to sleep!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Zizi so graciously brought her boat out to Dallas and left it here for the summer! We have had so much fun with it! Thanks Zizi and Papi!!! Riley is such a dare devil. She loves the boat and doesn't mind the water. She will get in if Mama or Dada are in the water. It didn't take her long to find the horn and she loves honking it non-stop. Once another boat came by to check on us to make sure we were ok and not sending out a distress signal with all the honking... No we were ok it was only Riley enjoying the sound of the horn!!!!

Mowing the lawn

Riley always has to be right in the middle of things but has become quite a good helper!!!! She loves to help mow the lawn. It only lasts a little while and then she is off to play with something else.

Branson cont.

More picture of our vacation!!!!!

Branson, MO

Our very first family vacation was spent in Branson, MO. As you can see we did a lot of relaxing and played in the water. We did go to one show called "Noah's Arch" which was amazing!!! It was the first time Riley was in a pool and we went to our very first indoor water park!!! Riley loved the water!!! She also helped clean up the place a little bit!!! We had a nice relaxing week. The trip up there was horrible though. Poor Riley (and everyone else) was miserable! The drive back was 10 times better.