Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baby #2!!!

I guess it is about time to announce the new arrival of baby #2!!! Yes Jason and I are expecting!!! Riley is going to be a big sister!!! I bought her this really cute "Big Sister" shirt in hopes to get a good picture to post but she just didn't cooperate, then we ate spaghetti for dinner and the shirt is ruined with big red stains. Oh well!!
I am now 17 weeks and everything (baby and me) are doing good and are healthy. I am passed all the morning sickness and starting to fell lots better!!
We just found out Wednesday that we are going to be proud parents of a....


More Portraits

We used the big bear to bribe Riley to stay put!!!!
Riley wouldn't keep the hat on for more that 5 seconds!!!

Too cute!!!!

New Portraits

Riley- 16 months old.
Ila- 5 years old.
Aren't they so adorable!!!!!

Who's sharing???

Look who's sharing ice cream! Yep, Daddy! I think Riley is going to be an ice cream lover like her mommy and daddy!! (Yes Jason intended to eat ALL that ice cream by himself until Riley showed up!)

First Haircut

Riley's hair was getting a little (a lot) shaggy and her bangs were always poking her in her eyes, so we decided it was time for her first haircut. I took her to Cool Cuts and they let us pick out our seat and we got started. She first spotted the suckers at the desk before we got started and of course couldn't live without one. The sucker actually saved us. Riley was so interested in eating her sucker that she didn't even wiggle and inch while the lady was cutting her hair. She was a champ!!!!


Man it was so HOT!!! That's all I remember. We spent the day at the Fort Worth Zoo for a friends birthday party and man was it HOT....

I love babies!!!

Looks like Riley is going to make a great big sister someday. Our friends Steve and Kristin visited form Huston with their little boy, Brooks. Riley was so sweet. She loved and hugged on him all day!!!

Nanno & Nana Visit

Nanno and Nana came to visit us in Dallas. We went on a tour of the new Dallas Cowboy's Stadium. Wow! It was so awesome! Maybe one day we will be able to afford to go see a game...? Nanno helped put up more ceiling fans and Riley was spoiled (as always) by her grandparents.

More cousins!!!

Riley met her new cousins!! I would let you know their names but I fear I will misspell them, so I will update you later! We had so much fun and the girls went crazy on the Love Sac!!!!

Splash Park

We went to our very first Splash Park near the house. Riley had so much fun but kept on stealing other little kids' toys. I never thought to bring buckets or balls... All the kids were very good at sharing, thank goodness.

Summer Fun

Here we are in Hatch having some sun. If I remember correctly, Riley and I flew out to take Ila for her 2 week summer visit. Zizi bought a huge blow up water slide that she drags out in the summer when the grand kids come to visit. Riley and Ila both had so much fun with all the cousins. Riley was a daredevil, like always, at the lake and loved riding on the jet ski!!! Ila on the other hand wouldn't touch foot on the jet ski!!!