Friday, January 29, 2010

New haircut like Mommy's

It was time again for another haircut and this time we went for a certain style!!! We went all out!!! Mommy bought hair products and big girl shampoo for Riley. I now have to blow dry it!! She looks so much older now. My baby is all grown up...
Speaking of grown up...
Riley is now 22 months old and as active as ever. She is now in her toddler bed and goes to bed around 8:30-9pm and wakes around 7-7:30am. She takes one nap in the afternoon at about 1pm for 2-3 hrs. She loves to climb on everything! She colors with her colored pencils and colors. She has started dancing to her favorite song "all the single ladies" by the Chipmunks. She loves helping mama around the house. She will sweep, help with laundry, throw trash out, and loves to cook. I let her sit up on the counter and she will hand me food and season all our dishes with salt and pepper. She loves to eat pasta, meat and cheese. I am so proud of her and myself, she has recently started eating oranges and grapes! She no longer sits in her high chair, she has to be like mama and daddy and sit in an adult chair! She can count to 10 (for some time now maybe a couple months) and is slowly learning her colors (haven't quite got the hang of that yet). She has broadened her variety it tv shows, thank goodness, for mom and dad's sanity. They include Yo Gabba Gabba, Imagination Movers, Little Bear, Team Umizoomie, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and recently Princess. She did watch her first movie in the theater over Christmas (The Princess and the Frog). She is talking up a storm and comes up with new sayings everyday. Her latest is "Ta-da!" after climbing on her trampoline. She is very polite and says "please", "thank you", and "thanks" regularly. She has started calling her Daddy "Jason" especially when he isn't paying attention to her!!! Not sure what she is thinking about all this brother stuff. She knows he is in my belly and loves carrying around his clothes, but I don't think she knows what's coming! She isn't too interested in his new room or the cradle.
Riley amazes us everyday and we always catch ourselves saying " We are so lucky" and "Riley is so darn cute". She is truly a wonderful child, mild mannered and has been easy and a joy in our lives so far. We are keeping our fingers crossed that baby boy takes after Riley!!!!

Riley's Big Girl Bed

Right before we left for Christmas Riley figured out how to get out of her pack-n-play at Auntie Shauna's house. It must have not hurt too much, so she got braver and braver. When we got back from vacation she started crawling out of her crib at night when we would put her to bed. All our bedtimes started becoming later and later. We would put Riley to bed and in seconds she would climb out and play in her room. She was so funny to watch on the monitor. She would pull out some clothes and shoes form her drawers. Then she would be at the door asking "couch?" So we would let her come and lay on the couch with us and turn off the tv and all the lights so she would be still long enough to go to sleep.
The first chance we got that week, Jason converted her crib into a toddler bed. Riley loved it! She jumped right up on the bed and started jumping and then would lay down and say "night, night" and cover herself with blankets, then she would be up again jumping. Since we have changed her bed she has done so good. She will stay in bed as long as she is tired and ready to go to sleep. Every once in a while she will get out and play a little bit and then we yell though the door to go get back in bed and she takes off running to bed!!! I'm so glad we got this stage over with and are comfortable in our new bed before baby boy arrives!!!

Home Sweet Home!!

We are definitely not as young as we used to be!!! The trip back home was pretty miserable! We left from Albuquerque at around 9pm and drove all night. Our little "Goober" wouldn't go to sleep so mam stayed up trying to entertain her while daddy drove. Once Riley finally went to sleep, daddy was ready for some rest and mama hadn't gotten much sleep. So needless to say mama didn't drive for very long before she needed to switch drivers. This seemed to go on all night, but we made it home safe and unloaded and unpacked a little then all 3 of us went to bed for the rest of the day.
We were all glad to be home and Riley was happy to play with some of her Christmas gifts outside!!!!!

Visit with Bisnonno and Bisnonna

Vanilla wafers were the only thing that would keep the girls still enough and in the same spot for a quick picture. Keep in mind this was one of the best ones out of about 10!!!

Riding in the car with cousin Leeann!

Eating an ice cream cone with cousin Sadie!

Uncle Joe got me a nerf gun!!!

Christmas #2

We were able to sneak a few days in at Albuquerque over Christmas. We enjoyed seeing all the family and it was the first Christmas that Riley, Leeann and Sadie were all together. The girls had so much fun playing and fighting!!! I think Sadie wins the toss up!! All I can say is that Riley sure did have her hands full!

Our special "Granny"

In loving memory of Naoma Crosswhite "Granny"
February 1, 1934- December 25, 2009

Our beloved Granny went to celebrate Christmas with God on Christmas Day around 11:30am. She had been in the hospital with complications from an open heart surgery (infected incision) for almost 2 months. She put up a valiant fight but in the end her condition was complicated by heart failure and her kidneys shut down.
Jason, Riley and I along with my sister's family left early for Christmas vacation the Saturday before Christmas and we were able to spend lots of time with Granny and my parents at the hospital.
As many of you know, Granny was a sweet loving grandmother and mother. She lived for her kids and grand kids and I will cherish the many special memories I have of her growing up. Granny and I shared a very special bond that has shaped me and will remain with me all my life.
Granny always wanted us to celebrate her life when she was gone so we did our best to grant her these last wishes. At her funeral we all wore red and released red balloons in her memory.
We Love You & Miss You, Granny!!!!

In Loving Memory of Granny

In Loving Memory of Naoma Crosswhite
Feburary 1, 1934- December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning

We made the very best of Christmas morning under the circumstances. (Granny is sick, but more on that later.) Some unexpected family was visiting so we had a house full. My moms oldest brother and his family were in Hatch, so we were able to see some family that I haven't seen in ears and Riley met some more cousins that she has never met!!! We had a great time and the girls were so much fun to watch. The whole living room was full of gifts and presents from Santa!!!

Mmmm Chocolate!!

We are at my parents house in Hatch for Christmas and Riley just woke up!! Her hair is crazy and all over the place!!! I remember when I was little and my hair would always stick straight out after a nap and my sister and all my cousins would make fun of me and call me Medusa. Ila couldn't stop laughing at Riley's crazy hair. Then we were in the kitchen cooking and of course Riley, wanted to help. She found the fruit and chocolate whipped cream! She very quickly gave up on the fruit and stuck with the chocolate saying Mmmm! each time she licked her fingers!!!

Christmas pictures

Our neighbor helped us take a few family Christmas pictures in forn of her tree. I was trying to get a picture for our Chrismas card.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

This year we will be out of town for 2 weeks over the Christmas holiday. We are going to visit both grandparents in New Mexico!!! That being said, I refuse to drag down all our decorations from the attic and put in all the hard work only to have to come home after our vacation and put them all up. I felt guilty since Riley is old enough to notice these things so we decorated Jason's tree that he used to keep in his dorm room at college. Riley had a blast and wanted to keep all the ornaments to herself to play with. She was a big help handing them over if we said "PLEASE"!

Christmas ceremony

Christmas light show and Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Grapevine TX. Jen our friend is the coordinater for the event and she dressed up like the Grinch.