Friday, January 29, 2010

New haircut like Mommy's

It was time again for another haircut and this time we went for a certain style!!! We went all out!!! Mommy bought hair products and big girl shampoo for Riley. I now have to blow dry it!! She looks so much older now. My baby is all grown up...
Speaking of grown up...
Riley is now 22 months old and as active as ever. She is now in her toddler bed and goes to bed around 8:30-9pm and wakes around 7-7:30am. She takes one nap in the afternoon at about 1pm for 2-3 hrs. She loves to climb on everything! She colors with her colored pencils and colors. She has started dancing to her favorite song "all the single ladies" by the Chipmunks. She loves helping mama around the house. She will sweep, help with laundry, throw trash out, and loves to cook. I let her sit up on the counter and she will hand me food and season all our dishes with salt and pepper. She loves to eat pasta, meat and cheese. I am so proud of her and myself, she has recently started eating oranges and grapes! She no longer sits in her high chair, she has to be like mama and daddy and sit in an adult chair! She can count to 10 (for some time now maybe a couple months) and is slowly learning her colors (haven't quite got the hang of that yet). She has broadened her variety it tv shows, thank goodness, for mom and dad's sanity. They include Yo Gabba Gabba, Imagination Movers, Little Bear, Team Umizoomie, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and recently Princess. She did watch her first movie in the theater over Christmas (The Princess and the Frog). She is talking up a storm and comes up with new sayings everyday. Her latest is "Ta-da!" after climbing on her trampoline. She is very polite and says "please", "thank you", and "thanks" regularly. She has started calling her Daddy "Jason" especially when he isn't paying attention to her!!! Not sure what she is thinking about all this brother stuff. She knows he is in my belly and loves carrying around his clothes, but I don't think she knows what's coming! She isn't too interested in his new room or the cradle.
Riley amazes us everyday and we always catch ourselves saying " We are so lucky" and "Riley is so darn cute". She is truly a wonderful child, mild mannered and has been easy and a joy in our lives so far. We are keeping our fingers crossed that baby boy takes after Riley!!!!