Friday, January 29, 2010

Riley's Big Girl Bed

Right before we left for Christmas Riley figured out how to get out of her pack-n-play at Auntie Shauna's house. It must have not hurt too much, so she got braver and braver. When we got back from vacation she started crawling out of her crib at night when we would put her to bed. All our bedtimes started becoming later and later. We would put Riley to bed and in seconds she would climb out and play in her room. She was so funny to watch on the monitor. She would pull out some clothes and shoes form her drawers. Then she would be at the door asking "couch?" So we would let her come and lay on the couch with us and turn off the tv and all the lights so she would be still long enough to go to sleep.
The first chance we got that week, Jason converted her crib into a toddler bed. Riley loved it! She jumped right up on the bed and started jumping and then would lay down and say "night, night" and cover herself with blankets, then she would be up again jumping. Since we have changed her bed she has done so good. She will stay in bed as long as she is tired and ready to go to sleep. Every once in a while she will get out and play a little bit and then we yell though the door to go get back in bed and she takes off running to bed!!! I'm so glad we got this stage over with and are comfortable in our new bed before baby boy arrives!!!