Monday, February 22, 2010


I have been trying to catch up on all my posts and pictures before the baby comes and I am proud to say I am finally caught up.

Here is the latest on Riley...
She is talking up a storm. She comes up with new sayings almost daily. Just the other day she shook Jason's hand and said "Nice to meet you". Everything is "awesome"! Riley loves playing with other kids and we are trying to get her in a Mom's day out/Preschool program which would be 2 days a week. She continues to amaze us and is so much fun and the joy of our lives.

Baby boy update...
I am going on 38 weeks and ready to burst. My doctor had her baby boy early 2 weeks ago so we are now with a new doctor. Baby boy is doing good and measuring on time. Everyone thinks I will deliver in the next week which would be more than ok with me. We have finally agreed on a name and will announce the name with his arrival. Some of you already know because I am terrible at keeping secrets. We will keep you updated with the news and pictures via e-mail, texts and later the blog. I hope to be talking with you soon!!!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What's been happening in our house

Riley's tired and taking a "rest" in mommy and daddy's bed. She climbs in, covers up, asks for a book and tells us to shut the door!!!

Riley wanted to check out baby boy's crib!!!

Riley is helping make toast for breakfast.

Big girl undies!!!

We have recently started the big challenge of potty training. Riley has been sitting on the potty now for a couple of months but no real progress has been made. I think I have been too lazy to take the plunge. We finally took the "big girl undies" out and Riley has been doing so good!!! She loves her Princess pull-ups and her undies!!! She has made so much progress in the last few days. The first time she used the potty, she sit on her little potty for about 30 minutes and went poop and pee!!! Now she has gotten the hang of holding it and letting us know when she needs to pee and we hurry to sit on the potty. Sometimes we aren't fast enough, but we are doing really good!!!!! Mommy and Daddy are so proud of Riley!

Look, I made a snow angel!!!

My snow bibs came in handy and fit perfect!!!
Aren't I cute???

It snowed how many inches?...

Mmm that's good!!!!!

Brrr it's cold!!!!

It snowed for 24 hours straight and we ended up with a record setting 12+ inches of snow in the DFW metroplex. I was surprised that Riley didn't want to touch the snow at first. Of course I had a baby doctor appointment that morning, so we were up bright and early to drive into Dallas. Surprisingly the roads weren't too bad. Later that afternoon Riley and I went out to play in the snow. She didn't do too much until I told her it was like ice! (She loves eating ice by the way) After that, I wouldn't have been able to drag her back inside!!! So we ate some snow and then some more snow. She walked around the back yard wiping the snow off her swing set and all her toys. I finally talked her into making a snow angel.

Daddy Daughter Dance Year 2

Jason and Riley attended the Grapevine Daddy Daughter Dance again this year for Valentines Day! They rode in a horse carriage and a pink Barbie limo, dug for diamonds in a sand box and danced the night away! I wish I could figure out how to post videos. Riley was trying so hard to do the "Macarena" with two older girls. She is so funny when she dances, she will bounce her shoulders up and down (something she learned from yours truly!)

Nesting for baby boy

Yes this is me "nesting"!!!

We completely rearranged the furniture from the office to the playroom. We also cleaned behind and underneath furniture and cleaned baseboards. I have never seen so much dust!!!
Yes Riley is spoiled! We don't have any more room for any more toys!!!!!

Riley has had enough of all the cleaning!!!! She just wants to relax and watch some TV!


Big Helper

Riley is always helping out around the house. She loves to help in the kitchen. (cooking, sweeping, mopping) Her latest is helping with the dishes and of course washing her hands with the soapy bubbles.

Here ducky...

Riley's new favorite past time is going to the lake and feeding the ducks. You even mention "ducks" and she is in the kitchen in nothing flat and back out again with a loaf of bread. Jason usually takes her and when they are really hungry the ducks get so close they steal the bread right out of her hands. I think last time Jason had to kick a few ducks away from Riley. Now Riley chases the ducks and kicks at them!!!

Baby Boys Room

We finally got around to doing some work on the baby's room. Of course the theme is hunting camo. There wasn't any debating about that one!!! As you can see we still have some work to do. I have some things to hang on the walls and last minute details that probably won't get done until after baby boy is here. I'll take some more pictures when we are finished.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hppy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Granny! We love you! Hope you are having fun up there in heaven!!!