Friday, May 28, 2010

Riley, Owen and I went to the Dallas zoo with some friends. This is the only picture I took because I was soo busy with BOTH kiddos!!!

Riley is sharing her new nap mat with her brother that Nana and Nonno bought her for school!!!

I think I took this picture around 2 in the morning!!! Owen was wide awake after one of his feedings.

Hunting Easter Eggs!!

It took all of 10 minutes for Riley to find all the eggs we hid outside in our backyard.

Owen with his Easter basket. Riley even shared a couple of eggs she found with her brother.

All that egg business pooped us all out. Now we are ready for bed!!!

Coloring Easter eggs!

All done!!!!!
Riley decides she is going to peel all the eggs!!
Riley suprisingly didn't make that big of a mess coloring eggs, but Jason had his hand full! I sat watching and held Owen!


We really didn't have any big plans for Easter this year! It was a chore just getting up and getting everyone ready for church. An church, well that was a whole different story. We were right on time but it was packed and we squeezed into an already full pew. Jason was sweating as usual but decided to wear a nice jacket that day (big mistake)! It was so hot in the church, Jason was just waiting for an excuse to get out of there (he got his chance when Owen started to cry)!

Then it was just me and Riley and a whole lots of stuff!! Riley decides to go "potty" which by the way has totally refused to due since the arrival of Owen. So me and Riley sneak out, I end up taking her to the toddler room to play, and the minute I get back in to sit down everyone is standing for the closing song and it's over! We were so exhausted by the time we got home that all 4 of us took naps!!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

No Riley! You're too BIG!!

Riley can't keep her hands off "Owen's" toys! She has a sudden interest in all of Owens stuff! She puts all her babies and Goofy in the swing and then she decides to climb in herself and watch tv. She usually gets stuck and yells for help to get out. Owen doesn't really like the swing and he definitely doesn't like it when Riley is around because she wants to push him "super dooper fast"

More Birthday Pictures

Nikki, Max and Sedona

So sneaky!!! Caught red handed sticking her fingers in the cake icing before we lit and blew out the candles!!!!

Rileys Birthday Party

Riley's birthday party was at Abby's Playtown this year. We had some friends and family in town to help us celebrate! (Jason and my parents and Mamo & Papo all came from NM)! Riley was excited to play with all the "kids"!


Riley saw some kids fishing in the creek behind our house and she wanted to go fishing too!! So we loaded everyone up and went fishing! We could see lots of big ones but only caught one tiny fish. Riley was excited but I think Jason was the one having a good time.

Riley finally gave up and started digging through the tackle box!!!

Owen's just loungin' around!!!

Nonno and Nana are here!!!

Nana and Nonno are here visiting us and meeting Owen for the first time. They will also be here celebrating Riley's 2nd Birthday!!!
Riley is helping Nonno put her kitchen together. She loved her little hammer that her bought for her at Home Depot! She wanted to beat on everything, but is a big helper!!
Riley and her sticker book....
At first she didn't want much to do with it but in the last 2 weeks all we have done is "play stickers"! I have found stickers on the carpet, furniture, all over the office, on Mama, Daddy and Owen!!!
Riley loves her new pillow Nana made her. She immediately refused to use her pillow that we were using!!!

Bath time

Owen 4 weeks old!
It took a little longer for Owens umbilical cord to fall off, than it did Rileys. So we are starting the bath ting a little later this go around. Owen really like his first bath, but screamed bloody murder when we took him out! Jason thinks it's because he doesn't like the lotion Mama puts on him.... Riley liked rubbing soap on his belly and tried putting it on his face!!! She also likes pouring water over his head. Owen doesn't mind too much.

Snow in March???

Riley loves to eat the snow!!!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

St Patricks Day!

This year I was a little lazy for St Paddy's Day. I didn't cook my usual con beef and cabbage for dinner. A friend came over and helped me out most of the day and then her and her husband cooked us dinner and brought over some black and tans for Jason!! Riley was able to play with their son Cole. Riley and Cole loved the spaghetti as you can see from the picture above. They both stuffed their bellies and faces full.