Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Back at home with Daddy!!!!

We are so happy to see Daddy!!
Riley wanted to push Owen "super dooper fast"!
Owen didn't like it!!!
"Riley get off Owen! Don't sit on him!" Riley thought it would be a good idea to come and lay on Owen. For once she wanted to be in the picture! Most of the time she says, "No mama. No picture. Take Owen picture."

Owen 7 weeks

All the girls

No one was cooperating in this one!!!

Don't look so happy!!!

Playing outside

Riley's writing on Nana with chalk!!

Chillin' outside in my stroller!!!

Bisnonno and Bisnonna

Bisnonna and Owen!!!

Bisnonno, Riley and Owen


Playing with cousin Leeann

Riley and Leeann watching Nonno mowing the lawn.
Eating mini ice cream cones!!
Owen snuggling with Aunt Janea
Owen and cousin Leeann! Owen was happy as a horse. Look at that smile!!!
We tried to take a picture with Great Gaga and the three kids but it wasn't working. Either Riley or Leeann wasn't looking or smiling and then Riley decided to high tail it out of there with a big "cheese" on the way down!!

Onto Albq.

Riley and Leeann eating ice!

Owen meets Great Gaga for the first time!!!

Owen already likes Uncle Joe!!!

Aunt Janea was such a big help with Owen and Riley. She gave baths and helped with feedings and diaper changes. I think Owen initiated her with a big poop!!! Owen didn't want to leave her out.


More boating!!

Boating and fishing

Look at mama's big fish she caught!!! Riley didn't want to reel it in, she just wanted to help get it in the boat with the net.

Fishing with Papi with her cowgirl hat and sunglasses just like Papi!!!
Check me out!!!

Owen celebrates 7 weeks in Hatch

Owen is starting to smile!!!
Riley and Herby!!

Look at me I am sitting in Granny's chair!
Don't I look so handsome in my new blue outfit???

Owen had to wear his overalls on the farm!!!

Owens first visit to New Mexico


Owen's (5 weeks old) first visit to NM to see all the family was a blast, but poor Riley got sick and threw up all over Zizi in bed one night. Poor thing was so pitiful!! I guess the plus side was that this was the first time she was really this sick in her 2 years of life. She did have some periods where she felt ok so we played outside with bubbles. Zizi bought this cool bubble gun at the dollar store! I think it was the best bubble makes I have ever saw!!! Owen just relaxed and enjoyed the weather and mountains. Owen was really starting to laugh and play with Papi in the mornings. (I was usually sleeping). I for the first time go a full nights sleep. My mom and dad took turns on the two feeding shifts at night so I could get some rest. It was wonderful. We even got a visit from Racheal and her two kiddos!!!

Riley wasn't sleeping...

This is what I open the door to one day after Riley's "nap"!!!
Apparently she never went to sleep and played the whole 1 1/2 hrs. She pulled clothes and shoes out of her drawers and pulled the decorative vinyl decals off her walls!!!

Owen 6 weeks

We are getting into a schedule now. Owen is eating about every 3 hours and is growing leaps and bounds! He has had his first bath, met all of his grandparents and celebrated Riley's 2nd birthday! He has started smiling a little while he sleeps and has "sweet dreams". Owen is out of newborn clothes and is in 3 month clothing. At 5 weeks 1 day (1 month appointment) he was 23 inches long, 11.6 pounds and a head circumference of 37 cm. Riley was (10 lbs. 9 oz., 22 3/4 inch, and 37 cm head. ). Owen is so much more curious with his hands. He is already grasping objects and can hold some of his rattles. He will reach up for dangling toys.