Friday, September 10, 2010

Sunjit's wedding

Look at Owen and Daddy in their suits! Don't they look so handsome???

OK so I have a very funny story to tell...(no offense to anyone)
We were outside on the porch at Shan's parents house eating dinner (Indian food) and Riley was wondering around, (she was running a fever and not feeling that great) up in my lap and then walking around. When Papi finished with his plate (still a little food left on the plate that he didn't eat) and put it down on the ground by his chair. Out of Riley's mouth came, "Look Mama, POOP!!!" while she pointed at Papi's plate. I looked down and my Dad's plate had a greenish brown serving of some Indian cuisine left on his plate. My mom and I absolutely lost it!!! I had tears rolling down my cheeks because I was laughing so hard and trying to hold it in at the same time. Oh the things kids say!!!

Sunjit and Jessicas' s wedding in Oklahoma.

Owen's first swim

Zizi came to visit to help watch Ila while Shauna was writing curriculum. So we decided to go swimming in Shauna's neighborhood pool. The kidddie pool ended up being closed due a fecal contamination. We snuck over to the adult pool and asked if the people there wouldn't mind if we swam for a little bit! This was Owen's first time in the water other than the bath and he loved it. He splashed his hands in the water and just relaxed in his little float boat!!! Riley surprised me! She was trying to practice what she learned in swimming lessons and even swam/floated under water for a few feet! She also choked a couple times and almost coughed a lung from swallowing water when she was jumping into the water, but after a few times she learned!!!

Owen's about 3 months. He loved watching Riley and Ila play!Can't remember the occasion since I am so far behind on posting!!! Sorry!

Play Dough

Riley's favorite past time these days..... Playing with play dough outside!!!!