Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New double stroller!!

Yippee! A new double stroller. This is going to save my life (and my arms)! Maybe I can actually go to the mall and for walks now without having to lug one of the kids around!!! Thanks Nanna and Nonno!

Owen "jumped" himself to sleep!

Dressed to the T!

Hot stuff!!

What a cutie!!

Whoo hoo!!!

What beautiful and handsome kids I have. They sure do look sharp!
Jason is going to a wedding and taking the kids while I get to go work.



Cooking and eating!!!

Owen has found his tongue and is starting to eat baby food. His 1st food was squash and he liked it. A couple of days later he had carrots and he liked them too. He is eating good but is pretty messy!

Riley is my helper! My favorite thing to bake right now is poppy seed bead. It is so easy and delicious!!! Rilry was my helper and while I wasn't looking she decided to take a sample taste and started licking the bowl while it was still full!!

What a mess!!!
Caught in the act!!!!


Looks like Mama needs to go to bed too!!!

Riley helping Daddy put her bike together. This was a birthday gift from Gaga!

Riley took all the parts out of the box and used her hammer to help Daddy.

Owen just chillin!!

Happy Fourth of July


4 month comparison




Ht: 26"
Wt: 19.9 oz
Hd: 42.5 cm

Playing around the house

Riley uses this stick and acts like she is "John Smith" from the Pocahontas cartoon!!!

Owen is just enjoying some tummy time while Riley plays with him!!!

Owen is 4 months today!!!

Owen dose so good in the high chair. He will sit and play for a long time (unlike his sister)!! One of my mistakes with Riley was not making her sit still and in a high chair at the dinner table until the whole family was finished. To this day she is so difficult in restaurants and at the dinner table. She eats and then she's done and wants to get down and play. Owen is so chill at the dinner table!!!

Riley is always hiding from the camera and never wants her picture taken so I get what I get!!!

Owen at almost 4 months!!!

I'm not even four months yet and these clothes are size 12 m0nths!!! I am a BIG boy!!!

Owen is almost 4 months! He is really starting to jump in the jumparoo toy. He has started his first solid food (rice cereal)! He made a funny face but seems to like it. I think he is going to be a good eater like his big sister!!

Massachusetts here we come!!

It has been sooooo long since my last post. I have been too busy and lazy to update the blog.
Well we are now in Massachusetts!!! We flew in on December 5th. We are staying at an extended stay hotel in Westford, MA until we can find a house. Jason is working at a Lockheed Marting plant in Chelmsford, MA, which is about 40 minutes NW of Boston. We are only about 15 minutes south from the New Hampshire border. We will probably be living in NH. Things are so different here!!! And it is FREEZING!!! No snow yet but it should be here shortly.

So now I am going to try my hardest to update you with the last few months of our lives and then start our new chapter in Mass!!!! Stay tuned...