Wednesday, February 23, 2011

5 Months!!

Owen's holding his own bottle so mama can cook!!! Yeah!!!



Papi feeding Owen!


Riley's first dentist appointment

Riley did such a GREAT job at her first dentist appointment!! We all loved the dentist. She sat in my lap and layed back into his lap while he looked at her teeth, cleaned them and flossed them. She was a little shy at first but wasn't scared at all. After it was all said and done with she really liked it and wanted to go back!! The dentist wasn't too concerned about her sucking her thumb to mamas surprise!! Of course he said that she will probably need braces when she gets older!! Start saving now I guess...

Clowning around!!

Riley was having fun putting sunglasses on Owen!!!

Cool DUDE!!!

Let's go swimming!!! Or not....

So we decided to go to this little swimming pool close to our house with Auntie Shauna and Ila. We got there, got ready to get in the water and swam for about 10 minutes then everyone had to evacuate the pool... Someone (not ours) pooped in the water. So they fished out the poop and treated the water while everyone waited... Yes! Finally we can get back in. So we get in and play for about 5 more minutes when the whistels blew AGAIN! Evacuate because someone pooped in the pool. We weren't about to wait another 30 minutes... So we left....

Sister and Brother

My 2 cute angels!!!!


This is Riley's and Owen's first time bowling!! We never really thought about taking them. We were just driving around the mall trying to figure out something to do and there it was "Splits"! We had never been so we thought we would try it out. All I can say is that it was the most expensive game of bowling I have ever done!!!! A $50 game before we were done!! But money well spent. Riley had a blast!!!

Ducks in the backyard

One afternoon we were just playing outside in the backyard and some ducks came walking up. Riley had a great time feeding them and seeing them up close. She was really struggling to stay still and quiet!!